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This wiki is about The Roman Emperor Elagabalus. This wiki does have videos and facts on his life. This is for my social studies project please do enjoy. This Page is set up so only I can edit it. Thank you founder Ian Laux.

A Brief Summary of Elagabalus's lifeEdit

Elagabalus story starts out when he was born in 202 A.D in the country of Syria. Also he was the son of Varius Marcellus who was the current senator Caracalla region. Even though Elagabalus's dad was very powerful man Elagabalus had closer ties to his mother. Elagabalus's mother was related to a consul which used to be in power. Which is how latter in life Elagabalus claims power over the Roman empire and became the youngest emperor alive. As a younger boy Elagabalus was a high Priest to the Syrian sun god. later in 220 Ad when Elagabalus came to power he made his own God he called it ElaGabal master of all gods. Elagabalus was murdered on march 11 220 ad.


Elagabalus was having difficulties with roman citizens liking him. So he first started a lottery and he gave out stuff like slaves and houses. This made the people happy but Elagabalus got bored with being nice stuff like houses. So after a little bit of time Elagabalus gave people stuff like dead dogs and boxes of bees. Then he would fire tickets from a catapult which would make the people scramble to get the tickets. But they last thing they would expect is some snakes to be shot at them. Yes Elagabalus put poisonous snake in with the tickets with the catapult.


Elagabalus was a rich Emperor so when it came down to it he could do anything also Elagabalus was crazy so that did not help either. Elagabalus was really good at pranks. He would paint rocks and make people eat them. Then He also made people eat live parrots. Also He would touchier his enemy's with a red hot poker and peel there skin off. Then when people would come over they find poisonous snake all over the floor. Then He would hide lions in rooms of his palace and let people find them and be eaten by the lions. Then he would people bags that had dead dogs in them. Sometimes he would put human guts on the floor that he sacrificed earlier in the day to He made a mechanism that dropped tonnes of petals on someone to kill them, death by petals, he left people with lions in guest rooms.





In what year was Elagabalus born? A:203 AD B:1987 How would Elagabalus launch the tickets for his lottery? A:Air cannon B:Catapult Name 1 thing that Elagabalus would make the people who came over eat? A:Live Parrots B:Squid

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Horrible Histories - Elagabalus' Romo Lottery Millions

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